Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I wanted to tweet this but it was too long...

What is up with the Nutrisystem commercial where the girl says she’s not your ordinary girl and she loves sports and then she catches a football that is lobbed to her from someone about 2 feet away and then she looks into the camera and says, “see, how many girls can do that?” What the hell? I think all of the ones with sight can (and probably many without, the ball actually landed on her), but thanks for playing.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Lets just rip off the band-aid quickly and move along

Lets get the basic stuff out of the way. Hi I'm Mike, 30, married to a gorgeous woman named Mina. We've been together for a total of about 5 years, married almost 2 of them in sunny California. We've got two cats, Ella and Miles, no dogs, and no kids (yet). Follow us along on the crazy ride of being first time home owners, planning to have kids, and all the other stuff that fits in between and bleeds over. We are going to attempt to write this blog together so you can see our perspectives on all that goes on. Let me tell ya, I'm a handful, never sitting still for long. Its the blessing and the curse of being a left handed man in a right handed world.

Now, where's my sledgehammer? I need to get to demo'in.