Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Today Show is Totally Disturbing

So, I'm watching the Today show this morning (as you do) and they tease a story about what to do if your car is sinking in a body of water.  As I do drive across a (very short) bridge everyday on my way to work, I thought, oooooo I can be a few minutes late to work for this (like I need an excuse) and I lolly-gagged a bit to catch the life saving tips.  So, eventually the story begins and I guess this is a part in a series of stories about what to do in order to stay alive in all sorts of random situations (a bear attacks! a snake bites! your mom calls you at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday!) and, I shit you not, the lead in is accompanied by "staying alive" the song. Cute.  So after the really peppy song stops, we hear a 911 call of a woman who is in a car that is sinking.  The operator, of course, sounds barely awake (as an aside, I'd make a terrible 911 operator, I am an anxious mo-fo) and is trying to talk to the lady and she's all, OMG!OMG!My car is sinking! and at the point I'm thinking, oh, in about 2 seconds we're going to see this lady and she's going to share with us all how she got out of her car all alive and happy and shit. But, NO.  She DIED.  The Today show played the frantic last words of a lady who died in her car at 7 fucking 30 in the morning on a Tuesday.  Totally disturbing.

Also, the thing to do if your car lands in a body of water is to roll down your window, keep your seat belt on and your hand on the window ledge and get the eff out as soon as the car stabilizes a bit.  So, there you go.